#CLMOOC #WriteOut Bridging Connections in October

CLMOOC WriteOut Place Icon by Ron

Image by Ron

Throughout October, we will be releasing daily inspirations for doodles and art that are in connection with the Write Out project, an exploration of a sense of PLACE through writing and learning. We hope you find the topics helpful and inspirational, and use them to make art, and make connections, too. All topics were gathered and submitted by the CLMOOC crowd.

You can learn more about the Write Out Project here.

The image icon (above) we will use for our October Doodles is by our friend, Ron, who captures a sense of place — rural and urban and in-between — with his beautiful artwork.

We’ll start releasing ideas on October 1 and flow through to October 31. You can subscribe to this post, and get an email update when new posts are published, or you can keep an eye on Twitter, or you can add us to your RSS reader, if you still use one.


#CLMOOC #WriteOut Map Doodle Prompt 5: Duck Ponds

Today’s Doodle Theme: Duck Ponds

Mallard Medley flickr photo by Kelley Mari shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

What Is This?

We’re spending the #CLMOOC (Connected Learning Massive Open Online Collaboration) summer with doodles. Every day this month, we will propose a daily theme for you to consider doodling to, or riffing off.

Whatever strikes your fancy, go for it. Each day will be somewhat connected with a theme of “mapping.”

This CLMOOC adventure will lead into and dovetail with yet another open learning project called Write Out, an invitation to connect with public spaces by the National Writing Project and the National Park Service, although feel free to use any open space in any country for any writing you want.

Share your doodling with the #clmooc and #writeout hashtags on Twitter, or in any other space you inhabit.

Since this is The Daily Connector, we encourage you to explore the maps of others, too. Maybe remix or riff off the ideas. Engage in discussions. Ask questions. Take an imaginary journey through the maps of someone else. Write about it.