#CLMOOC #DailyConnect Join the Postcard Project

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CLMOOC doesn’t have to end when summer ends. The CLMOOC Postcard Project, which began in 2015, brings together CLMOOC participants who send postcards throughout the year. There’s no requirement. You send them when you can. But there is a wonderful sense of joy and connection when you receive a CLMOOC postcard.

Sign up for the CLMOOC Postcard Project (and then get information about how to send the postcards out)

(Suggested by Karen)


#CLMOOC #DailyConnect: What Tech is in Your Toolbag?

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The CLMOOC community certainly does its fair share of exploring tools for making and creating. A crowdsourced listing of various technology apps and tools that have been used (we’re not afraid to break things in CLMOOC) is yours for the sharing. But also, please add anything you think might be useful to others to the document list.

The CLMOOC Tech Playground

(inspired by Make Cycle 3 collaboration)