Welcome to the CLMOOC Poetry Port adventure! We’re working to gather and share words to make poems. Each day this month, we will be sending forth a new word, and an invitation to you to create poetry with us.

Although this leap day on the leap year — February 29, 2020 — is the end of this adventure, we still hope you have smooth sailing ahead of you and join in future CLMOOC adventures …

With that, today’s word is not farewell but, instead: WelcomePoetRY_Port_LogoYes

Learn more about this poetry project at the CLMOOC site

You can share in your usual places. We invite you to use the #clmooc or #writeout hashtag on Twitter, or the CLMOOC Facebook group, or share in the CLMOOC Flickr Group, or come into a relatively new space under development called YAP.Net, designed for draft writing and sharing in a safe space. We’ll see you there.

The icon for this month’s Poetry Port was made and graciously shared by our CLMOOC friend, Sheri.


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