#CLMOOC Feldgang Variations: Time Lapse Writing

Exploring a space or object over time can surface contours of observation. For this prompt of patience, consider starting a page or photo collection to write or capture the essence of an object or place, and return to the same topic, but stretched out over time: maybe weekly, or monthly, or hourly. How does your perception change? Is it you or is it it that has changed? This feldgang experiment might give you notice of how time impacts the way we see the world. Share out your plan, and when your feldgang is done, whenever that is, share out your reflections.

(This prompt is a hat nod to Greg’s post entitled “Writing with Observation“)

Feldgang is a close exploration, a quiet deep dive into the world. For CLMOOC, we are using the idea of a Feldgang as our theme.

You can share in your usual places. We invite you to use the #clmooc hashtag on Twitter, or the CLMOOC Facebook group, or share in the CLMOOC Flickr Group, or come into a new space under development called YAP.Net, designed for draft writing and sharing in a safe space. We’ll see you there.

If you want to jump to random Daily Connects, this link will take you there.


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