#CLMOOC #DailyConnect: Share A Quote

There are so many great people writing such amazing things all over the place and beyond. Why not show your appreciation for someone else’s ideas by pulling out a sentence or a quote from a post or tweet, and then feature it back out to the community? You can use a site like Quozia or Haiku Deck or whatever suits your mood.

Here is a powerful line from Tania, when she writing about the issue of trust.


(suggested by Kevin)



  1. Kevin, I love this one! I was out of the loop all week last week and need to get back in. Perfect for me. I am going to go quote-hunting in the new blog posts now. Yes!!! Fabulous!


  2. Thank you, Kevin. I feel honoured to be featured here. You’re so right – there have been so many quotable phrases shared in Connected Courses; I just want to save all of them somewhere highlighted in different colours so that I can gradually unpack them. It’s hard choosing just the one quote but here is one I selected from all the good things you’ve said online. This one resonates with me because I’ve been accepted into the academic cohort, and I teach in secondary school.


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