#CLMOOC #DailyConnect: We Are All Stars Now

You may not have noticed it lately, amid all the hubbub (We love that word!) and sharing, but out here in the great beyond, we writers form constellations. We connect to make stories. We hover in the imagination. We are all stars. For this Daily Connect, let’s make that idea a bit more tangible. Let’s make a Star Map of ourselves.

Head to the map at Thinglink, and use the “edit” button (you might need to hover over the image there) to add your own “star” and a bit about you. Feel free to leave a url of your blog, or your course space, or your Twitter home, or maybe, just a random rabbit hole URL. Heck, pranksters invited. If you feel like a bit of poetry in the sky, please be open to the muse.

Wherever the star map takes you, go there.

Let’s create a map of us.

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 5.28.38 AM


(image by Phil Ostroff, via Flickr Creative Commons)




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