(pre) #CLMOOC #DailyConnect: Twitter Poetry

(Note: The CLMOOC of 2016 starts on July 10. We’re running these Daily Connector ideas before CLMOOC launches as a sort of teaser, and an invitation to get connected. For more information about CLMOOC, you can sign up for news and information.)

You know how you follow your favorite hashtags (ie, #clmooc) and you think, that tweet is pure poetry. Now it can be. For Today’s Daily Connect, use a site called Poetweet to transform a connected friend’s twitter stream into poetry. Yeah. It’s weird. Feel free to do your own Twitter stream first but then take the plunge, and honor someone else’s words. Be sure to share out the poem (the site kicks out a url or take a screenshot and share that way. Make sure you let the person whose words you are using know you are using their words, you know?)

Go to Poetweet

Check out what the DML Research Hub’s stream looks like as a poem

DML Twitter Poem


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