(pre) #CLMOOC #DAILYCONNECT: Recommend a Book to a Friend

(Note: The CLMOOC of 2016 starts on July 10. We’re running these Daily Connector ideas before CLMOOC launches as a sort of teaser, and an invitation to get connected. For more information about CLMOOC, you can sign up for news and information.)

Is there anything better than reading a book and thinking to yourself: I know exactly who should read this?

It’s that old-fashioned no-tech-required social network: the book recommendation to a friend. For this Daily Connect, we suggest you make a book recommendation to someone you know in an online space, particularly the CLMOOC spaces.

What have you read that you think they might like to read?

Want an example?

I (Kevin) have read  Letter to a Future Lover by Ander Monson, which is loosely about the world of marginalia in books (subtitle: Marginalia, Errata, Secrets, Inscriptions, and Other Ephemera Found in Libraries) but this tome is actually so much more expansive and more lyrical than just that, and as I have been reading Letter to a Future Lover, I cannot escape the voice of two of my online friends — Terry Elliott and Simon Ensor — in the phantom margins of the pages. Maybe they have been here before me? I hear Terry’s voice as Monson writes about slowing down and think of Terry as Monson writes of the changing world, and the role that the reader has in marking up and curating the texts of their lives. I hear Simon’s incredible poetic voice of his blog posts in Monson’s beautiful writing about books that is not about books at all, or not always about books at all.

I hope Simon and Terry (and and maybe you, friend) consider reading Letter to a Future Lover, and mark up the text with your own reflections of a literary life.

And now, what book will you recommend? And to what friend? Reach out and make a connection.



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